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Constance van Rolleghem


Through the years I have looked for unconventional ways to communicate with words. I focus on the rhythm, physical patterns and shapes of words as opposed to their actual meaning, like listening to the music of a language you don’t understand. My use of words generates a writing that doesn’t have to be read and leaves open a physicality that can free us from their meaning.

The words I write start with their own meaning to become a decodified writing; a composition of expressionist writing or “·Scriptograms”. To free myself from the traditional gesture of writing, I choreograph an ambidextrous gesture to neutralize, as much as is possible a dominant movement. My hands follow the rhythm of the dip pen or brush, caressing and tearing the many levels of the paper. My·work·aims to reveal a stratification of time by juxtaposing both transparent and opaque realities that are open to personal interpretation.

At first, I would like the viewers to follow a reading pattern that follows their automatic need to decodify a text, and then with time discover a personal interpretation in the realities that exist physically outside the assigned meanings of the words and texts.

My·‘Photoscripts’·are a recent evolution of the most abstract sense of writing taken from my painting restoration experience where figuration is composed of many abstract details - where what remains is also the physical trace of a moment or gesture.

My photographs -·‘Moments’·- are a search for traces of time and language, within the world around us. A mark or the sign from an action on a surface creates a recording or message that can be interpreted by our understanding of the meanings and codes of this new language.

My installations are multi-sensorial environments that try to integrate a place where we can literally sense, touch and listen to the sound of writing in its physical aspect.

Since 2005 ·I have worked as a consultant and panel participant with art institutions to address art education, communication ·and assistive technology for the disabled community.·My service were requested by the Metropolitan Museum Access, MOMA Access, and various art and educational institutions that work with the disability community including Museum Access Consortium, Art in Special Education (ASEC), ARISE Coalition, Extreme Kids and Crew, Dance Fundamentals for the Mark Morris Dance Group.

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